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Detox What Is It?

Purification, purification, detox cure: There are many terms for cleaning your own body. Already around 2000 years ago, detoxification was part of the healing art of Asian medicine. Detox cures are used to cleanse the body and free it from “unnecessary ballast”! Toxins are red-faced out of the body and the digestive tract is regenerated. It is often pollutants in the air, preservatives and residues of heavy metals in food, fragrances and cleaning agents, alcohol, cigarettes, medicines or chemicals in textiles.

When Is A Detox Worthwhile?

Our body shows us in different ways when it urgently needs detoxification or support of the detoxification organs. Below is a list of the most shared signs that something in your body is not at work as it should:

Problems In The Digestive Tract:

A disturbed metabolism can be the cause of many diseases. Our gut consists of countless bacterial cultures that are necessary for healthy digestion. A poor diet or a plethora of bad bacteria can disrupt healthy bowel function and slow metabolism. As a result, the toxins are not detached quickly enough and bad bacteria can spread further. Tip: An additional intake of probiotic lactic acid bacteria supports the intestines in digesting and eliminating toxins.

Impure Skin And Complaints:

Does your skin feel tight, itchy or painful due to heavy impurities deep under the skin? They would like to leave the house wrapped in a scarf and do not feel comfortable talking to other people. Our skin is our figurehead and the mirror of our body. It is our largest organ and serves as a drain for toxins. Additional detoxification can work wonders here. The skin is relieved and the toxins can be broken down more easily elsewhere.

Tiredness And Exhaustion:

If you feel tired and exhausted and notice a drop in performance, a refreshment for the body and mind can be very helpful! First of all, you necessity check whether your sleeping habits could be the cause of your tiredness. We have great tips and tricks for you on how to improve your sleep experience! But here, too, a detoxification cure can help to rid the body of harmful toxins and provide it with new energy.

Headaches/Chronic Pain:

If you experience frequent tension and headaches, or your muscles hurt, it could be chronic poisoning. This is where an effective detoxification cure can help, which you can easily carry out at home with just a few resources!

Natural Purification: Which Home Remedies Detoxify The Body?

One excellent method to support the body’s natural healing processes is through detoxification. Our bodies do, however, also contain built-in detoxification systems: The intestines, skin, lungs, lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, and bile are the main organs via which hazardous substances are eliminated. Because it breaks down the poisons and facilitates their quick excretion from the body through the intestines and urine, the liver is especially crucial in this case. Advice: To assist your organs in eliminating and processing toxins, consume foods or herbs that promote and strengthen specific systems.

Detoxify The Body With Herbal Teas:

Basically, the most important thing when detoxifying is to drink a lot. Still water, infused water or unsweetened herbal teas are primarily suitable for this. Diuretic teas that promote the elimination of toxins such as birch leaf, dandelion, nettle or green tea are suitable for detoxification.

Home Remedies To Support The Liver:

The liver is the detoxification focus of our body, controls the metabolism, filters pollutants and supplies the body with energy. Therefore, strengthening and supporting the liver with certain nutrients can aid in detoxification. With ingested bitter substances, turmeric, a balanced bacterial ratio in the intestine, a base-rich diet of artichokes, milk thistle or capasaicin (contained in paprika) you can support your liver in its important work.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Detoxification:

The natural acetic acids activate the liver functions and kill harmful bacteria in the intestine. Tip: Mix a glass of warm water with two tablespoons of naturally cloudy organic apple vinegar in the morning, sweeten with natural sugar substitutes such as honey or agave syrup and drink.

Ginger For Liver Detoxification:

The miracle root also supports the liver in its hard work. The spice plant contains bitter substances such as gingerol, which are necessary for the stomach and intestines and stimulate bile production. Simply cut the ginger into fine slices and add it to tea, salad . It also helps you in cold.

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