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Diet And Types Of Diets

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is also termed the Stone Age diet. The name originates from the fact that the diet only allows food that was already available to our ancestors in the Stone Age Therefore, the diet is mainly based on foods such as meat, fruit and vegetables. Fish and seafood, as well as nuts, eggs, and fresh herbs are also allowed. Dairy and cereal products, on the other hand, should be avoided. In any case, sugar, alcohol and ready meals are taboo.

Although it is disputed among experts that this actually reflects the diet of the Stone Age, the Paleo diet can really lead to weight loss. However, experts warn of possible deficiency symptoms and excessive consumption of animal foods.

Intermittent Fasting

In contrast to conventional fasting, interval fasting or intermittent fasting does not go without food for several days or even weeks, but only for short phases.

There are other variations of intermittent fasting, such as the 16:8 approach, where you eat for eight hours and fast for sixteen. The hours of this purported 8-hour diet are up to you. For instance, only calorie-free beverages are permitted before and after the periods of 10 a.m. and 6 evening  when eating is permitted. On the other hand, when using the 1:1 approach, you alternate between eating and fasting for each day.

This periodic fasting is intended to help improve fat and sugar metabolism and permanently reduce weight. Although long-term studies are still pending, this fasting method appears to be a healthy way to lose weight. It is also suitable for long-term dietary changes

Green Tea Can Help You Lose Belly Fat

Green Tea Can Help You Lose Belly Fat

As an another to water, you can also drink green tea. It will help you lose weight. That’s what researchers showed in a study printed in the Journal of Research in Medical Science. Green tea can have positive effects on your body if you drink five cups a day. You will notice a change in how your liver metabolizes fat.

The ingredients in this tea help break down fat and boost energy metabolism. Make sure you brew the tea fresh. Bottled teas contain a lot of sugar, so make sure you prepare it fresh. We conclude that drinking tea is vital for a healthy diet and can help with weight loss. Consumption more fluids is really good for the body, in totaling to taking Reduslim every day. This keeps you touch full for longer, which makes weight loss easier



Detoxing is about ridding the body of toxins by activating its self-cleansing powers and shedding a few extra pounds in the process.

Detoxification can be done in two different ways. On the one hand, solid food is avoided. Instead, fresh juices and vegetable broths are drunk. In the second method, only alkaline foods are consumed. In both cases, unhealthy vices such as alcohol, cigarettes or coffee are taboo, while sufficient sleep and moderate exercise should support the detoxification effect.

The benefits of a detox are controversial, as there is no guarantee that it will actually help the body eliminate toxins, or that it is even necessary.

HCG Diet

The pregnancy hormone HCG (human chlorionic gonadotropin) plays a crucial role in the HCG diet. During pregnancy, this hormone causes the body to fall back on the mother’s fat reserves in the event of malnutrition. In the HCG diet, it is therefore administered in the form of injections and is intended to stimulate the metabolism and reduce the sensation of hunger. In addition, there is an extreme calorie reduction, a lot of drinking and sport.

However, the hormone is not approved as a means of losing weight and is associated with various side effects, which is why experts advise against this diet. Also, injecting HCG doses on a regular basis is quite expensive.

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