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A Homemade Eyelash Serum. Remedy For Eyelashes

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Eyelashes – Every woman daydreams of long and thick eyelashes. What can you do if your lashes aren’t naturally ideal? There are several solutions – eyelash lengthening, eyelash lifting, professional eyelash serums or homemade products. What should you choose?

Although eyelashes are very short and fine, they also have their own life cycle. They grow and then fall out, which is perfectly normal if of course they don’t fall out excessively. Many different harmful factors (sun, toxins, moisture) affect the eyelashes and unfortunately these hairs have no protection against environmental influences. Therefore, you should regularly strengthen and care for your eyelashes and protect them from harmful influences.

Eyelashes Care Is Very Important

Even very small and fine hairs need care, because then they grow back vigorously and do not fall out. That should be an component of your daily care. This is very important, because well-groomed eyelashes noticeably emphasize the eyes. Long eyelashes strengthen our self-confidence and make the look seductive.

How Should You Properly Care For Eyelashes?

There is no clear method of eyelash care. Above all, they have to provide the eyelashes with the necessary nutrients (this is also a question of nutrition) and care for them on a daily basis. Do not rub your eyelashes or they will start falling out. For make-up you should use suitable cosmetic products that are natural and do not stick the eyelashes together. Make-up removal is also very important – grab a gentle micellar cleansing water and remove the make-up precisely. Don’t rub the skin. This is very important, because every good action improves the condition of eyelashes, and every wrong action weakens eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions Vs. Eyelash Serum

How to make eyelashe thicker? If you want to achieve the desired effects as quickly as likely, you can opt for eyelash extensions in a beauty salon. However, do not forget that frequent eyelash extensions, sometimes performed unprofessionally, worsen the condition of natural eyelashe. The effect lasts for a few weeks and your eyelash become long and thick, but the condition of the natural bristles deteriorates noticeably..

The best solution are eyelash serums. The eyelash serum, which is applied after each make-up removal, supplies the eyelashes with the necessary nutrients while you sleep. However, there is still a problem here. Which is better: homemade or professional eyelash serums?

Which Eyelashes Serum Is Better?

Professional and tested eyelash serums, such as Nanolash, are certainly better. Why? A good eyelash serum needs to be designed properly and when we make such a product ourselves it is very difficult to keep the right proportions. A professional eyelash serum also works better because it contains the ingredients that we cannot buy ourselves. These are, for example, strengthening proteins or special substances that accelerate eyelash growth. The next important question is the yield and the fact that professional eyelash serums penetrate deep into the hair roots and do not work on the surface. Unfortunately, a homemade eyelash serum does not work that way.

A Recipe For A Homemade Eyelashe Serum

However, if you do not need an intensive effect, do not attach great importance to the composition of the product and only want to care for your [eyelashes] a little, you can make the eyelash serum yourself. Blogger Farah Dhukai shares the eyelash serum recipe with us. You only need a few ingredients:

a small bottle or glass,

Castor oil,

aloe juice,

vitamin E

You need to mix all the ingredients carefully. Such a homemade eyelash serum should be shaken well before use. To apply the product, take an old mascara brush. This is quite problematic, because homemade eyelash serum is very dense and sticky, so it sticks the [eyelashes] together.

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