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Fall Pedicure Ideas – 2022

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Fall Pedicure Ideas

When autumn comes and it gets colder, we try as best we can to capture the holiday feeling and the summery vibes. That works with a little tan on your skin, an Aperol in your hand – and great summer colors on our nails. Here we show you three colors to wear on your feet to instantly bring back the feeling of sand amid your toes and waves lapping your ankles. Try it!

These Three Colors Provide Summer Vibes In Autumn

sequence is totally up to you and your taste in which color you want to paint your toes. But if you still need motivation, here are three colors that will definitely get you in the holiday mood:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Pink – Fall Pedicure Ideas

In 2022 it’s time again: Have the courage to wear bright (toe) nails. The color pink is particularly trendy. A striking neon tone puts you in a good mood, a softer pink can also be combined with elegant evening wear. Especially if the outfit is kept in subtle colors, your pink toenails provide an extra dose of summer vibes.

Beige – Fall Pedicure Ideas

If you like it more subtle, opt for a pedicure with beige nail polish. Here, however, you should make sure that beige tones come into their own, especially with tanned feet. Lighter skin types should rather choose a stronger tone.

Black – Fall Pedicure Ideas

Would you like a special color on your feet? Then the classic black is just right. The dark tone always looks casual, modern and also somewhat provocative. Black toenails also go with every look in autumn – they look particularly cool when combined with small toe rings.

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