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Lose Weight At Dinner-Summer is just around the corner, or do you just want to fit into your favourite dress again? Then it’s time to lose weight! Skipping dinner isn’t the best plan. Dr Pape explains in the video which foods you can safely eat before going to bed.

Lose Weight Without Dinner?

For many persons, it is the ultimate dream: falling asleep and waking up slim. But unfortunately, it’s not that simple. However, you can do a lot to lose weight with your diet in the late evening hours. Dinner is important for healthy and restful sleep. So it’s important not to overeat but also not to go to bed hungry. Losing weight without dinner – many consider this to be the method par excellence. It is also very different.

High Protein Dinner

If you want to lose weight and customize your dinner, understanding your body is important. Dr Pape explains it in the video: If you eat too many carbohydrates in the evening, your insulin level rises. The devastating thing about it is that the insulin blocks the burning of fat, and so hardly any calories can be broken down – so the thought of “slim in your sleep” is meaningless.

The solution to losing weight? Dinner with lots of protein. It elicits a very low insulin response and facilitates nighttime fat burning. So you don’t have to do without your dinner.

Burn Fat At Night

In fact, you can make excellent use of the night if you want to lose weight. The reason? During the day, your body uses the energy that +gives you. This possibility is no longer available at night, so the body’s own reserves are used – and in most cases, these are fats. Ideal for losing weight: prepare a low-calorie, high-protein dinner and lose weight while you sleep.

Counting Calorie Is Essential

But anyone who thinks that this is the panacea is wrong. Of course, you also have to be careful about what you eat during the day. If possible, you should not exceed the total requirement of 2,000 calories. Skipping a meal is not the way to go. Make sure the three meals a day are filling but not too heavy. High-calorie snacking should be off-limits if you’re serious about losing weight. When you get hungry, grab a healthy apple or drink a glass of water.

Lose Weight: Low-Carb Dinner

But what could finally be on your menu? The guide from SAT.1 has some suitable recipes ready. How about a delicious tomato and mozzarella salad, for example? Simply cut open a few tomatoes and place them between the mozzarella or brie slices. Add some balsamic dressing, and you can go to bed full and happy – and do something for your figure while you sleep.

Dr Pape goes to the Christmas market in the video. There are many delicious temptations here. And many of these are not harmful at all and can be enjoyed as dinner. For example, fried fish in egg batter is not the lowest-calorie food, but it is high in protein and therefore safe to enjoy. And even a bowl of kale is harmless. It is only important that you do not reach for real carbohydrate bombs or eat a mixed diet of carbohydrates and proteins. So you fall into bed happy after a delicious meal – and will certainly lose weight soon.

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