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Lose Weight : Basics Of Every Home Gym

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Lose Weight : Basics Of Every Home Gym

Depending on your goal, training experience, space, budget and personal preferences, you will of course also need other fitness equipment for your home. But: You should ALL concentrate on the dumbbell training. Reason: The free exercises that you can do with it are far more effective than guided ones on machines. The basic exercises such as deadlifts, rowing, squats or shoulder presses directly several muscle sets at the same timeand thus save time. And: Dumbbells are also space-saving and relatively cheap!

In addition, you always have room for improvement, because if you want to improve and the weight plates are no longer sufficient, you can easily order new ones. Of path, you can also use a barbell, but I definitely recommend a dumbbell set. In principle, these are the only pieces of fitness equipment that are really indispensable for your home gym: In addition to countless different exercises, they also ensure that you train your body symmetrically and that no muscular imbalances arise. Because that’s the disadvantage of barbell training – even if you hardly notice it, one side is always stronger and thus gives off more power.

Don’t forget: When training without a Gym Buddy, you can drop the dumbbells, but that’s not a good idea when bench pressing with the barbell!

Dumbbell Set To Lose Weight :Basics Of Every Home Gym

Like I said, if there’s one must-have, it’s this: decent dumbbells. Here I have linked you to a dumbbell set that I can recommend – it’s totally okay!

Mat To Lose Weight :Basics Of Every Home Gym

Of course, this also belongs in every gym: A training mat for abdominal muscle exercises, stretching and Co. – you don’t have to rely on unnecessarily expensive parts, the main thing is that they don’t fall apart after two workouts. This exercise mat here is good – go for it!

Pull-Up Bar To Lose Weight :Basics Of Every Home Gym

Pull-ups are THE supreme discipline among upper body exercises and should not be missing from any training plan! It goes without saying that a pull-up bar is one of the top pieces of home fitness equipment. If you use one that mounts in the door frame, be careful not to leave a mark.

By the way: If you can’t do push-ups yet, you can find instructions on how to train pull-ups here.

Door Bar To Lose Weight :Basics Of Every Home Gym

If you want a little more choice – different grip options and thus different muscles – such a door bar is a good alternative here too.

Push Up Bars

Push-ups are definitely part of every training plan. In principle, you do not need any accessories for this, but with such push-up grips you can tease another beat out of your muscles, especially your chest muscles. If you want to do without it, but still want to set new stimuli, you should try these push-up variations!

Black Roll

Small tool, big effect: A real hype has developed around fascia training in recent years. Absolutely right, because the thing can take your success to a whole other level! If you are just starting out, take a closer look at this article: Fascia roll: 5 exercises and see for yourself. Here I have linked a relevant fascia roll for you.

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