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Three Exercises To Improve Lung Function

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Lung –

Stretching Of The Ribs

You will stand straight for this exercise and exhale until your lungs are completely empty. Then you will slowly inhale, trying to completely fill your lungs. Hold your breath for as long as you can, ideally for 20 seconds.

Put your hands on your hips and count while your pinky fingers are touching the small of your back and your thumbs are looking forward.

Exhale slowly after holding your breath for 20 seconds, then settle back into a comfortable position  three Repetition.

Abdominal Breathing, Second

You should lay comfortably on your back for this workout. You might practise this in the morning or evening while lying in bed, using a yoga mat or soft pad as a cushion.

Start by placing one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Slowly take in air until you can feel your stomach rising above your chest. Feel your tummy rise as you exhale through your mouth and then inhale once more through your nose.

Try to hold your breath for 7 seconds before letting it go for 8 seconds. To force every last bit of air from your lungs, you should clench your abdominal muscles. 5. Repetition.

Moving Away

You should stand straight and with relaxed knees for this workout. Push air out of your lungs as you slowly stoop down at the waist. After that, slowly straighten up and take a deep breath until your lungs are completely filled.

For as lengthy as you can, hold your breath for 20 seconds. Gently raise your arms above your head while holding your breath. Once the count is complete, softly lower your arms and breathe out through your lips to return to a calm state. 4) Repetition.

Easy Deep Breathing

You can come a step closer to your lungs’ maximum capacity via deep breathing.

Consciously extend your belly as you inhale gently, paying attention to how the diaphragm is being brought down. Next, open up your ribs so they can spread out like wings. Allow the upper chest to rise and extend at the end.

Retaining Fluids

The need of drinking enough water for the body as a whole extends to the lungs.

“Keeping the mucosal linings in the lungs thin” helps to maintain good hydration, according to Singh. “This thinner lining improves lung performance.”


According to Singh, laughing is a terrific exercise for the stomach muscles and the lungs. Additionally, it clears up your lungs by removing enough stale air to allow fresh air to reach more lung tissue.

Next, let your chest drop, compress your ribs, and then draw your stomach muscles in and up to lift your diaphragm and let out the last of your air. This will help you exhale as fully as you can.

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