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Motion Sickness

Why do we get nauseated when we travel?

But first, it is important to know why we or our children suffer from nausea, headaches, tiredness and dizziness when we travel:

The brain receives conflicting signals of vehicle movement from the vestibular system, muscles, and eyes. Confusion over whether to sit still or move triggers that nagging nausea that can progress to vomiting.

Pack Home Remedies!


is considered an ideal helper for travel sickness. Older kids and adults can always take a sip of the prepared lemon ginger water when traveling. Younger children and those who don’t like ginger drink lightly brewed mint tea. It also counteracts nausea and calms the stomach, and also has a slight cooling effect – when driving in hot vehicles, it can also be filled into a spray bottle and cools the skin! A tea drink based on anise, caraway and fennel is suitable for the little ones; all three also calm the stomach.

If you don’t like tea, you can chew caraway bread into small pieces. It also soothes the gastrointestinal tract.

Chamomile tea is also mentioned over and over again to calm the stomach. If you like it, it’s worth a try!


Stress and tension, due to the excitement prior to the trip, due to the pressure of time and fears increase the tendency to dizziness. Try to approach your trip as calmly as possible, with enough time to prepare. Our children sense their parents’ excitement and are often excited and impatient as well. Follow the path to the goal and take your time. So you can start your vacation more relaxed.

For parents: bring enough seasickness bags, tea towels and a change of clothes. If your child gets sick and throws up, good preparation will save you extra stress and hassle here too!

vitamin C

Vitamin C – best in fresh form

The cause of dizziness is believed to be histamine, a neurotransmitter in the nervous system that is produced more by the body when you are dizzy. Therefore, another approach to avoiding motion sickness is to reduce the level of histamine, for example, by taking high doses of vitamin C, either from foods such as citrus fruits or other sources, preferably before the first symptoms appear. Avoiding foods that contain histamine is also beneficial. These include red wine, smoked meats, salami, ham, fish, shellfish, hard cheese, sauerkraut, pickles, beer, yeast, and vinegar. If you are prone, you should avoid them.


Even if the effect of homeopathic remedies is medically controversial, some patients report their effectiveness against motion sickness. Cocculus LM12, Tabacum LM12, Vomitus Heel, Vertigo Heel, and Nux Vomica, among others, are said to provide relief and relieve acute symptoms as well. Whether this is based on the placebo effect or an actual medical effect remains to be seen, the main thing is that it helps!

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