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Plums Act On Bone Density

In the USA there were several study projects on the positive effects of plums, also known as prunes or prunes. A single study examined the association between plum consumption and bone health in postmenopausal women. As a general rule, the risk of osteoporosis in women increases considerably after menopause. The study showed that daily consumption of 50 g of plums, combined with a balanced diet, has health benefits and can prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women with low bone density. 50 grams correspond to about four or five plums.

Already 50 g of plums influence the risk of osteoporosis

The Previous Consumption Recommendations Are Obsolete

Therefore, an earlier study from Florida State University, which found the same positive effects with a daily consumption of 100 g of plums, is considered outdated with respect to the consumption recommendation.

Prevent osteoporosis and reverse the degradation process with plums

Cirudas Are The Most Effective Against Osteoporosis

According to researchers, [plum] is the most effective fruit related to bone health. It can not only prevent osteoporosis (bone loss), but also stop existing bone loss and ensure new bone formation.

Osteoporosis occurs because more bone substance is broken down than is built up. Prunes not only slow down this process, but also significantly increase bone density.

Highly effective ingredients are detectable in [plums].

Boron Is Important For Bone Health

In addition to peaches, sultanas, almonds and beets, [plums] contain a high proportion of the ultralight element boron, which supports bone health. It decreases the excretion of minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are important for bone health. Boron also enhances the effects of vitamin D and can increase estrogen levels in women. Estrogen also strengthens bones.

[Plums] also have a positive effect on radiation-induced bone damage.

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