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Remedies For Constipation – A Few Home Remedies

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Constipation – About 20 per cent of Indians suffer from constipation – but it is not always necessary to resort to medication. Luckily, there are many tried-and-tested home remedies for constipation. How do grandma’s laxatives help get the bowels moving again, and which ones really provide relief?

What Is Constipation?

The digestive system is the largest system in our body that does important work for us every day. It is prejudiced by a wide variety of factors in everyday life: diet, lifestyle, stress factors, and physical health – to term just a few. This system quickly becomes unbalanced, which manifests itself in the form of digestive problems. Constipation is just one of them.

What Are The Symptoms Of Constipation?

Those affected hurt from a variety of symptoms, which can occur subjectively in very different ways:

heavy straining during bowel movements

lumpy or hard stools

The feeling of imperfect emptying of the bowel

Feeling that the bowel passage is blocked

the feeling of wanting to help with the hand

fewer than three bowel movements/passages per week

Tea As A Home Remedy For Constipation

Tea As A Home Remedy For Constipation

A particularly effective tea against constipation is chamomile, in combination with fennel, lemon balm and licorice root (pharmacy). The ingredients are antispasmodic, digestive and soothing to the gastrointestinal tract, relieving gas and stultification. If you suffer from constipation, you should juice about three to five cups of this tea daily for the effects to show.

Clear The Constipation With Muesli

A simple recipe helps against constipation: Mix a teaspoon of ground flaxseed with 100 grams of natural yoghurt and fresh fruit. Because the roughage and lactic acid bacteria stimulate the digestive tract.

Tip: Special products marked as “probiotic” are superfluous. Regular yoghurt does the same thing – and is significantly cheaper.

High-Fiber Diet:

You don’t have to look far for natural laxatives, you might already find them in your own fruit basket. Plums, especially prunes, dried figs, pears and grapes are home remedies for constipation. The high fiber contented of the fruit, which naturally stimulates intestinal activity, helps here in particular. Whole meal bread, chia seeds and oatmeal are also high-fiber first aiders.

Drink A Lot:

The most mutual answer to the question “What helps against constipation?” is that: drink enough! Because if the intestinal contents are very solid and are only moved forward very slowly, more liquid can help to speed up this process. Those affected should drink at least 2 liters a day. To avoid annoying flatulence, doctors recommend drinking still water or unsweetened tea.


A gentle abdominal massage can also do you good because it helps to activate the intestines. According to doctors, massaging the abdominal wall stimulates nerve connections in the intestines, which encourages natural bowel movements. To do this, massage your stomach in circular movements in a clockwise direction. You can also breathe deeply into your stomach. The pressure on the intestines increases because the organs slide down a little. Many patients report a positive effect of this natural internal massage.


Stress is a common trigger for constipation. Yoga, meditation or autogenic training can help calm the sensitive intestine and counteract constipation.

Enema With Enema Or Irrigator

However, if drinking water and a prune smoothie in the morning don’t help, an enema is worth trying for acute constipation. With the help of an enema or an irrigator (both from the pharmacy), the bowel movements can usually be produced within 20 minutes.

The enema consists of a small rubber ball into which liquid is filled and the enema tube. The irrigator consists of a container for the liquid, a tube and an enema tube. Still mineral water, which should be at body temperature, is suitable as a rinsing liquid. The water in the rectum triggers a strong emptying stimulus. However, use the enema and irrigator with extreme caution, there must be no pain when inserting the enema tube, please follow the instructions for use.

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