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Grow Hair – Shiny and beautiful hair. Dream of every person, but the pollution and not taking care of your hair can spoil your hair and never gives you a go-to look whenever you want to. So it’s important for you to take care of your hair and to keep it healthy. If you don’t have healthy and shiny hair, here are a few remedies you can try at your home to improve your hair growth

Coconut Oil Is Good Remedy To Grow Hair

Coconut oil is now available in every well-stocked supermarket because it is a real miracle cure. It is suitable for cooking, baking and beauty care. You can also use coconut oil for hair care. The contained lauric acid has an antibacterial effect and acts against pathogens that inhibit hair growth. Coconut oil not only makes your hair supple, but can also protect against hair loss.

For a homemade cure, all you have to do is liquefy a teaspoon of coconut oil in a water bath at around 25 degrees. Important: Unlike a normal hair treatment, you should spread the coconut oil on your scalp and hair before you wash your hair and not afterwards. After a few minutes you can wash your hair as usual.

Maintain Hair With Home Remedies: Oil For Dry Hair

The most popular home remedy for hair is apple cider vinegar. Instead of a conventional conditioner, a conditioner made of vinegar cares for the hair after washing without chemical additives and makes it nice and soft. Simply mix 100 milliliters of apple cider vinegar with 900 milliliters of water. Pour it over your hair and put it on. No more rinsing. The vinegar smell will dissipate as it dries.

The roots are often greasy and the tips still brittle. Then you can treat the dry part of the hair to extra care with oil. Carrot or avocado oil, for example, are well suited. But the all-round talent olive oil is also suitable for a hair mask. But be alert not to use too much oil, otherwise it will be difficult to wash out again.

Raw Egg

Raw Egg

Eggs are not only good in the pan, but also in our hair. More specifically, the yolk. It is best to put the egg yolk in a small bowl and mix it with a little honey. The result? A homemade power treatment for your hair – without any chemical additives. Simply apply the mass to your hair strand by strand and then leave it on for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. The egg yolk and honey hair treatment provides your mane with intensive moisture and ensures a natural shine.

Nutrition Is Good Remedy To Grow Hair

Have a nice celebration! You don’t only get healthy hair from products that you use externally. You can also do something for yourself from within. Zinc, iron and protein are important energy suppliers of a lion’s mane. Meat, nuts, cereal flakes and oysters contain zinc, for example. It stimulates hair growth. Iron from legumes, grains, shellfish or meat is also important if you want to have beautiful long hair. Dairy products, nuts or fish, but also legumes, cereals and many types of vegetables contain an extra portion of protein.

Rye Flour

Sounds really dusty at first, but fortunately it isn’t! Mixed with water, rye flour is ideal for washing hair and nourishes the hair with minerals and vitamins without drying out the scalp. However: rye flour only cleans the hair, but does not degrease it. Tip: In order not to experience any unpleasant surprises in your beauty routine, you should only use rye flour. Flours like wheat contain more gluten and would make a sticky paste with water.

Healing Earth Is Good Remedy To Grow Hair

It contains many trace elements and not only removes excess fat from the scalp, but also cleanses clogged sebaceous glands. This makes it ideal for greasy hair. However, dry skin types should be careful when washing their hair with healing clay, as this could only remove additional moisture from the skin.

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