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Rough Elbows? This Will Soften Them In 10 Minutes.

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Rough Elbows?

In winter we can hardly avoid rough elbows. In the video you can see what home remedies will make your elbows softer than ever!

Sour Makes You Soft

The rough skin on our elbows needs a lot of attention: often, despite moisturizing body lotion and rich oils, the desired effect is not achieved. In addition, there is hardly any accumulation of fat on the elbows. The elbow is predestined for rough and extremely dry areas. But a simple home remedy can help:

In the future, all you need for unbeatably tender elbows is a lemon! Cut the fruit in half and squeeze both halves. Now lean your elbows on one of the lemon halves for about 10 minutes.

The fruit acid contained in the lemon softens the rough, upper stratum corneum. After the time is up, wash your skin carefully! Then just dry it.

But: These Three Home Remedies Also Soften Rough Elbows Like Butter:

Honey: Heat 2 tablespoons of wild flower honey in a bain-marie to a maximum of 40 degrees and mix with 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Apply on the rough area and leave on for about 30 minutes. Then rinse.

Toss the shell with 2 tablespoons of sea salt and 1 tablespoon of olive oil and rub your elbows together.

Rub a piece of pineapple pulp on your elbows and rinse after about five minutes.

Very important: Do not forget to apply plenty of lotion afterwards. The acid from the fruit attacks the skin and makes it even drier than before.

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