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Slimming Salad: Recipes For A Slimming Line

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Salad – They are good for the figure and perfect for hot summer days: salads. Ideal for losing weight as they provide essential vitamins, minerals and fibre. The SAT.1 guide tells you which recipes you help lose weight and still fill you up.

Why Salads Are Good For Weight Loss

Especially when it’s hot outside, heavy meals put a strain on the body – not to mention the calories. In contrast to dishes with fatty meat and carbohydrates, salads are the ideal summer food: They are light, fill you up, provide important vital substances and taste good – provided, of course, they do not only consist of fattening foods such as ham, cheese and co.

Another advantage: They are not only a tasty meal for the evening but can also be easily taken to work or to a picnic in the park at the weekend. If the season permits, it is best to buy fresh heads of lettuce with the roots, as these retain the vitamins longer.

Potato Salad With Vegetables

Potato Salad With Vegetables

A potato salad spiced up with peppers, spring onions, radishes, some parsley and salmon ham, provides you with lots of energy and many vitamins. Boil jacket potatoes, peel and cut into slices. Then stir in a bowl with several litres of hot vegetable stock. Then chop the vegetables and the ham, add everything to the mashed potatoes and final season the salad with chopped parsley and pepper; done! The good thing is: The salad only has about 350 calories per serving.

The Best Salads For Losing Weight: Recipes For Easy Enjoyment

The classic among the salads is green and peppered with some turkey breast – perfect for losing weight because turkey has only a few calories. In addition to salad and some smoked turkey breast, you need all sorts of vegetables for the preparation, namely tomatoes, spring onions and cucumbers. Use some salad cream, low-fat quark, lemon juice, salt and pepper for the dressing.

And it’s so easy to prepare: simply wash all the ingredients, cut them and put them in a bowl. Then mix all the ingredients for the dressing together and add them to the salad. By the way: With just over 300 calories per serving, this salad is perfect for losing weight because it is a real slimming aid.

A pompadour salad is similarly healthy, for which you need raw peas, a piece of fennel bulb, a tomato, chicken breast and Batavia lettuce. First, blanch the peas, rinse and drain. Then slice the fennel, and cut the lettuce and tomato into pieces. Then mix the orange juice, vinegar, some mustard and oil into a salad dressing. Losing weight almost happens by itself! Finally, cut the chicken breast into strips, fry and add it to the salad. Enjoy your meal!

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