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Things You Should Stop Doing To Yourself

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Things You Should Stop Doing

How well do you take care of your mind, heart and body?

I can vividly remember waking up with a headache and tension, as if I had spent the night in a torture machine, eight or nine years ago. So I woke up feeling absolutely shitty. And what did I do first thing in the morning? I took a headache pill and lit the first 20-30 cigarettes my body could take in a day. There was a handful of nothing for breakfast, I went back to bed after the cigarette, turned on the TV if I hadn’t gone back to sleep with the TV on. I lay there for a few hours and only moved when it was time for the next cigarette. In the afternoon I would make myself a big meal, usually a microwave meal of tortellini and creamy ham sauce or something completely nondescript that is sold in those square, tear-off, microwave-safe boxes. Then we went… where? Back in bed, of course, I left the apartment less and less, I lived alone, so I couldn’t talk to anyone there, and all my impressions and experiences came from the camera.

Here they are, the things you no longer have to do to yourself, because they create completely meaningless suffering and rob you of the strength to enjoy your life, to truly love yourself and those Around you, and to realize your dreams.

I Lie To You:

“I always wanted to travel the world, adventure and write about it… and now I’m still living with mom and only going to the supermarket or the office… but it’s great the way it is “…

Wanting To Be Different From What You Are:

If you want to be different from what you really are, how can you be happy with what you really are? It’s like chasing meat despite being a vegetarian: your needs will never be met, you will starve.

Running Away From Your Problems

– a dangerous and common form of self-deception. In the long run, problems are always faster than us. Lies have short legs, while Trouble’s legs are longer and more muscular.

Always put your own needs second: it is your right to do yourself good. And how much can you give when you’re empty?

Living In The Past:

Has your partner left you? Is your company no longer what it used to be, or is it even dead? Then it’s time to find a new partner or start a new business. Even then you have suffered enough. You don’t have to repeat these experiences over and over again in your head.

Living In The Future:

“Every moment comes out of nowhere. That is the true joy of life,” said the famous Zen master Shunryu Suzuki. I caught myself in a hurry on my way to the park the other day; the way to the park is as full of precious moments as the way through the park afterwards. I took a deep breath and slowed down. Otherwise, I probably would have run to the park too, with my thoughts at home on the computer. Do you sometimes feel like this?

Punish Yourself For Mistakes:

Old mistakes old belong where they happened: in the past. In most cases, we just couldn’t help it. And how do you make up for what happened (if there is something to make up for): hitting yourself on the back of the head, or learning from it and improving the present?

Let Worries Overwhelm You: Things You Should Stop Doing

Much of our worries are nothing more than imaginary ghosts of tomorrow haunting us today. Check out 20 Mindless Worries to Let Go of Today.

Focusing only on the efforts ahead of you and not paying attention to how much you have already accomplished: one of the traps I often fall into. Instead of rejoicing at how far I’ve come, I despair (temporarily) at how far I still have to go.

Denial Of Responsibility: things You Should Stop Doing

Not taking responsibility for oneself and complaining instead means: complaining about oneself. And with the backpack, with which you can no longer get out of misery.

Being Hateful: Things You Should Stop Doing

Nelson Mandela quoted the Buddha as not at all bitter after decades of innocent imprisonment when he regained outward freedom from him: “Being angry is like drinking poison and then expecting it to kill your enemies.”

Be Jealous: Things You Should Stop Doing

Also a kind of boomerang. It comes back like a boomerang and cuts through our sanity and clarity. More on jealousy here.

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