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We clear up all the myths about burning belly fat and show you the most effective exercises and methods to finally get rid of the love handles.

One thing is for sure: Only a diet or exercise will do nothing against unsightly love handles. Getting rid of belly fat permanently requires the right strategy. This strategy is a mixture of diet, exercise and relaxation. All you need is a little motivation and perseverance to make it work. But the effort is worth it and with our tips you can definitely do it!

Eat healthy, reduce calories, burn fat, train muscles… and lose weight: are you ready? Then we’ll show you how to finally get rid of your belly fat!

Get Rid Of Belly Fat: Good And Bad Carbohydrates

You reach for the whole grain variant in the form of whole grain bread or whole grain pasta. These foods contain complex carbohydrates that, unlike the simple ones, don’t get into the bloodstream and spike blood sugar levels as quickly.

Because this is exactly where the problem lies: A high blood sugar level leads to the production of insulin. And this hormone promotes the storage of abdominal fat. Those who want to burn it must adjust their diet accordingly and replace the sugar-rich foods with others.

No Carbohydrates In The Evening: The “Slim While You Sleep” Principle

Especially in the evening you should eat protein-rich foods such as dairy products, meat, fish or eggs so that fat burning can function undisturbed at night. The “slim while you sleep” diet, which many swear by, also works according to this principle.

You Should Avoid These Foods In The Evening:

Cakes & Desserts

Fries & Co.



White bread



Get Rid Of Belly Fat With Endurance Training

In addition to diet, you should exercise regularly if you want to lose belly fat. Find three days a week where you plan 45 minutes for an endurance sport of your choice.

This can be jogging, but also walking, swimming or a course in the gym. It is important that you get out of breath and sweat. This burns a lot of calories and you can also burn your belly fat. Exercising also helps boost metabolism, which in turn helps with weight loss

Hiit Is The Secret Weapon Against Belly Fat

In order to get rid of the annoying belly fat, it does not necessarily have to be special exercises for the stomach. The large muscle sets such as legs, buttocks and back are particularly important. Not only do you want to burn belly fat, you want to have a toned, beautiful body in general. But you also like to train your arms and stomach. By the way: It’s a myth that strength training gives women big muscles (which of course we all don’t want!).

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