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Guide: How Often Do I Have To Go To The Dentist?

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Dentist– The dental check-up is one of the most important preventive measures. Through regular check-ups, the dentist can detect many diseases of the teeth and mouth early and start treatment in good time. On top of that.

He stretches you valuable tips on the subject of general oral hygiene and shows you individually which areas you should pay more attention to when brushing your teeth.

But How Often Must You Go To The Dentist?

Children up to 6 years

It is best to get your children used to going to the dentist at an early age so that they associate the visit with positive impressions and realize that treatment is not bad at all. The child can build trust and later fear of the dentist does not arise in the first place.

For kids below the age of 6 there are early detection examinations that serve the early detection of tooth, mouth and jaw diseases:

The first proper examination of the teeth should be done when all the milk teeth have erupted (around the age of three).

After that, you and your child should have a prophylactic appointment at the dentist every six months.

6 To 18 Years

The individual prophylaxis program begins at the age of 6 years. Two visits per year are required.

At these appointments.

The dentist checks oral hygiene and gives advice on how to avoid tooth decay or educates parents and children about possible causes of tooth decay or other oral diseases.

Adults Over 18 Years Old

From the age of 18 we recommend an annual check-up at the dentist. In this way, tooth damage can be detected and treated at an early stage. Once a year, simple tartar removal is also covered by statutory health insurance. However, only hard plaque should be removed. Professional tooth cleaning ensures thorough cleaning of all tooth surfaces. Done regularly (1-2 times a year), it can help to keep your own teeth healthy for a long time.

Save Money With Regular Dental Visits

From the age of 12.

The preventive appointments can be noted in the bonus booklet of the statutory health insurance companies. Those who comply with all check-ups and have them stamped in the bonus booklet receive subsidies from the health insurance company if dentures are needed later.

With complete documentation of 5 years, the subsidy increases by 20%, with 10 years even by 30%.

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