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Clogged Ear:  Natural Home Remedies That Help

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Clogged Ear – The ear clogs when there is too much earwax in the ear canal and it clumps. Normally, the ear cleans itself.

If this is not the case, home remedies can be extremely effective for a blocked ear.

If you have an earache, you should definitely consult a doctor, then the ear is probably not blocked, but inflamed.

Do you have a feeling of pressure in your ears, itching and pulling, or do you suddenly hear worse? These can be signs of stuffy ears. Normally this is no reason to panic – and a special spray for cleaning is unnecessary. Because there are also natural methods of gently and thoroughly freeing the affected ear.

Earwax: Overproduction And Clogging

Earwax_ Overproduction And CloggingSome people produce significantly more earwax than others. Seniors in particular often have to struggle with overproduction. It is not uncommon for a plug to form that completely or partially closes the ear canal. This can be accompanied by numerous unpleasant symptoms such as:

loss or impairment of hearing


ringing in ears


feeling of pressure

Earwax plugging can also occur for other reasons. Certain anatomical conditions favor the formation of plugs, for example particularly narrow or crooked ear canals, in which earwax can quickly become lodged.

Regularly wearing wax or cotton balls to protect against noise and frequent use of in-ear headphones also have a positive effect. Even if you remove earwax with cotton swabs, it can quickly build up and clog the ear canal

Clean Clogged Ears With Salt Water

Another gentle way to unclog a blocked ear is to clean it with salt water. You can also use salt water on babies and toddlers to remove clumped earwax.

To do this, dissolve a teaspoonful of salt in 100 mils of lukewarm water. Put some of it in the clogged ear and leave it on for ten to 15 minutes – meanwhile you can close the ear with cotton. Then rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Clean Clogged Ears

If a plug has formed in the ear canal, you need to loosen the stuck earwax. You should definitely consult an ENT doctor for this. Removing earwax yourself is not a good idea – only if you have your ears cleaned by an expert can you be sure that no injuries will result.

The Specialist Doctor Has Various Methods Of Ear Cleaning Available: Clogged Ear

Remove earwax by rinsing: The doctor uses a syringe to put lukewarm water in the ear, which loosens the plug.

Earwax suction: Here the doctor inserts a very thin tube into the ear, through which he sucks out the plug.

Remove earwax mechanically: The plug is pulled out of the ear with a hook or a curette.

rinse ear

Clean Baby Ears – Clogged Ear

You should take extra care when removing your baby’s earwax. Because the small baby ears are extremely sensitive. Absolutely taboo: removing earwax by piercing the ears with cotton swabs or other objects. It is almost inevitable that the tiny auditory canal will be injured.

Therefore, when it comes to earwax, the following applies: treat baby ears with particular care! They should only be cleaned in the area of ​​the auricle – gently and carefully with a cosmetic tissue. If necessary, you can care for the delicate skin with a little baby oil. And please do not remove the earwax too often, so that the skin of the auricle does not dry out.

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