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Skin – everyone wants to have their best skin throughout their life, no matter what age. And skincare is compulsory in our day-to-day life. Having soft and plump skin at any day and time is the pure goal for anyone. Today let’s read about some tips for the betterment of one’s skin.

Olive Oil Is A Secret Beauty Weapon For Glowing Skin

It’s not just a delightful topping for your pizza. Olive oil is truly at the heart of Italian life, boasting a range of beauty benefits such as anti-ageing vitamin E and moisturizing squalene. Sophia Loren was known for smearing olive oil on her skin. Peirone remembers her mother applying olive oil to the ends of her hair after a long, hot bath to keep a good shine. (“I learned pretty much all I know about beauty from my mother, Maria,” she tells me.) Olive oil also has incredible healing properties. Peirone says she smooth uses it to cure conjunctivitis.

Soft Skin Is The Ultimate Virtue

Italian women value smooth, touchable skin and devote the majority of their beauty routine to moisturizing. That means “using heavier, richer moisturizers than Americans use,” Perone says. They also perform a daily ritual of massaging their skin from head to toe with body butter to hydrate and relax. “Especially your feet,” says Peirone. “Chocolate!” She tells us, “which basically means treating yourself!”

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Sun

While South Koreans avoid the sun at all costs, Italians love it. “Wrinkles are going to get you anyway, so you might as well enjoy the sun,” says Peirone. “But real sun. No tanning beds.” But the Italians also value protecting their skin as much as possible. “Put on lots of flavorful sunscreen, not tanning accelerators,” says Peirone.

Don’t Follow Trends

“There is more emphasis on timelessness and less on trends,” says Graziano. Instead of frantic new products and fads, she says, Italian women are more focused on age-old ingredients that work. “Sunscreens and moisturizers are always important, as is a signature perfume and lipstick. The women in my family had always emphasized the “leave your brows alone” rule (I definitely plucked/waxed/etc. too much when I was younger, but luckily she grew them out again!). Low maintenance routines are best.”

If you pluck your eyebrows too much, olive oil can be used as a natural growth serum. Simply apply with a spoolie every night before bed to condition and stimulate brow hairs.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids For Bright Skin

Exfoliated skin should be lightly exfoliated because it has many scales and is sensitive.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, alike Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Malic Acid, are mild exfoliating actives that can remove the scales associated with peeling skin without further irritating it.

In fact, a chemical peel with glycolic acid is a highly recommended medical treatment for exfoliating sunburned skin.

Among these alpha hydroxy acids, lactic acid is found in a number of dairy products as well as yoghurt, milk, and milk cream, making it a safe and convenient option for an at-home exfoliant.

Make Your Own Peel-Off Mask By Mixing Equal Parts Yoghurt, Milk Or Milk Cream With Honey Into A Paste.

Make Your Own Peel-Off Mask By Mixing Equal Parts Yoghurt, Milk Or Milk Cream With Honey Into A Paste.

You can add 1 tablespoonful of oatmeal, salt or sugar to the mask for a better cleansing effect, but this is completely optional.

Wash the peeling skin with clean water and pat dry.

Apply the paste to the still damp skin and rub gently in circular motions for a few minutes to exfoliate.

Rinse and pat your skin dry and cover with moisturizer.

Do this once a week.

Drink A Lot For Glowing Skin

Keep your skin hydrous from within by drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. Spread out your fluid intake through the day rather than drinking large amounts at once.

Correct Your Shower Habits

Hot water can shred your skin of its usual oils and make it drier than before.Your skin becomes drier the longer you keep it wet. Because of this, you should only use tepid or slightly warm water when taking a ten to fifteen minute shower once a day.

Furthermore, see if the tap water has low amounts of mineral ions, such as fluoride and chloride, which could irritate your skin.

In its place of rubbing your wet skins with a towel, let it air dry. Another option is to gently lay the towel against your skins to absorb excess moisture.


So by these tips, you can have glowing and plump skin Always . If you like my article, please do comment, share and subscribe.

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