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We’ll start with the largest muscle group, the legs. With this exercise you mainly train the thigh and buttock muscles. I will show you different variants with different levels of difficulty, so that there is something for everyone.

Normal lunges

This exercise can also be performed by beginners. As a starting position, stand shoulder-width apart. Then you take a big step forward. . Next, bend your legs such that your front leg makes a 90-degree angle with your thigh and calf. It is not healthy for the knee to extend past the tips of the toes.

Sit Ups

With the next exercise you train for a defined stomach. Sit-ups, also known as crunches, are probably familiar to most of you. Nevertheless, the exercise is often performed incorrectly.

Start position:

Lie down and bend your feet.


Now lean forward. The exercise is often done too quickly. To make the exercise more effective, do it as slowly as possible.

Don’t keep your head active as you can quickly pull tension in the neck area. Instead, you can position your hands next to your head without touching your head, or place your hands on your chest.

Squat Jumps: Exercises to Sustain Health

This is a high-calorie workout that targets your entire lower body, including your calves, thighs, and bottom. As the name suggests, squat leaps include combining a squat with a jump to lower body weight.

Start position:

Stand slightly wider than shoulder-width. The feet point slightly outwards.


First you do a squat. You have to push yourself out of the crouch so hard that you can jump afterwards.

Tip: Bring your arms with you for more momentum.

Hip Thrust – Exercises To Stay Fit

The most effective way to train your backsides is with the “Hip Thrust” exercise.

Start position:

Lie on the floor and bend your legs. Place your arms on the ground alongside you.


The movement consists of pushing the pelvis up. It’s important to really stretch your pelvis all the way up. Once on top, hold the position for three seconds.

You can significantly up the difficulty of this exercise by crossing one leg over the other.


You can start by doing this workout twice or three times a week at home.

If you see a significant improvement in your fitness, you can do the home workout four times a week.

You can adjust the repetitions and duration of the training to your fitness level. The training is circuit training. A circle includes all exercises. Once you’ve made it, you can take a longer break and then complete another round.

How many circuits you do depends on your fitness level. Start with a circle. If it’s too light for you, just hang a second one on the back.

Oftentimes, the pre-workout warm-up is forgotten or considered unimportant. The consequences are often injuries. If you do a little warm-up just 5 minutes before your workout, you’ll prevent injuries and improve your overall performance along the way.

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