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Lower Abdominal Exercises You Can Even Do At Home

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Lower Abdominal Exercises – The area below the belly button tends to store more fat and isn’t all that easy to work out, but not impossible! With targeted exercises for the lower abs, you can define your core and pave your way to a six-pack.

Lower Abdominal Exercises

What Are The Benefits Of Lower Abdominal Exercises?

Quick Disclaimer:

Lower abdominal exercises do not specifically target fat loss in this problem area. You can only get rid of the unloved love handles below the navel with a combination of exercise and the right diet. In general, to get rid of belly fat, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Nevertheless, exercises for the lower abdominal muscles make sense:

You can use them to increase your daily calorie consumption. Since: The more  mass you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate. Even with strong muscles, you can tighten the problem area a little.

It is also beneficial from a healthiness perspective to train the trunk muscles:

together with the back powers, the abdominal muscles stabilize the spine. You can progress your posture, counteract a hollow back and stop back problems. Also, without core tension, we could not stand up, let alone stand upright and move, bend, stretch, or twist. In addition, strong abdominal muscles ensure more balance and body tension, which you can benefit from in all sports – whether weight training, running or yoga.

Here Are Some Ab Exercise

One Leg Raises

Lie on your back with your legs overextended straight up. Then alternately lower one leg straight down without putting it down.

Important: Be careful not to sag your back. Press your lower spinal into the floor by actively contracting your abs.

Flutter Kicks

Start sitting with your torso slightly bent backwards and your arms held in front of your chest.

Lift your straight legs somewhat off the floor. Now alternately lift one leg until the tip of your foot is about at head height – the lower leg should not be placed on the floor.

Hip Raises While Lying Down

Hip Raises While Lying Down

The starting position for this exercise is the same as exercise number 1. The difference is that in the top position, with your legs almost straight in the air, you lift your bum off the floor and round your lower back by tightening your lower abs hard tense . Pause briefly in the position, then slowly lower and control your hips. Then either lower your legs like in the video or go straight into the next hip raise rep, depending on how much you want your abs to suffer.

Difficulty level: medium – high

Important to note: Don’t use the momentum from your legs to lift the hips, instead use abdominal strength.

Reverse Crunches

The starting position is back on your back. Bend your arms so your fingertips are on the left and right of your head and push your elbows out to your sides as much as possible. Bend your legs and lift your feet off the ground so they just float in the air. Now, similar to a regular crunch, lift your chest off the floor and arch your chest toward your knees. Pull them to your chest at the same time until your nose almost touches your knees. At this point, your stomach is maximally tense. Pause briefly, then simultaneously lower your chest back toward the floor and your knees back to the starting position. Important: Neither the upper body nor the legs touch the ground – means: The feet hover just above the ground and the upper body is never completely off, but your shoulders are always kept in the air by slightly tensing the abdominal muscles.

Difficulty level: easy – medium

Here’s what to look out for: Even if you’re moving your legs and upper body at the same time, which is a perfect way to cheat – don’t use momentum or your lower abs won’t get worked!

Exercise For Lower Abs: Forward Pusher

This is how it works:

A variation of the classic sit-up: Lie on your back, put your feet up with some space between you and your butt. Tighten your stomach. Now slowly roll your torso off the floor a few inches and stretch your arms straight out in forward-facing of you. At the uppermost point, quickly cross your arms three times. Then, lower your torso back down, but don’t lower it completely to the floor.

3 sets of 15 repetitions

Exercise For The Lower Abs: Jackknife

Thats how it works:

Sit up straight, tighten your stomach and bend your upper body backwards with your arms outstretched. Raise your legs straight and now bring your torso and legs together and away from each other.

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