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Keto Diet And How It Helped Me Loose/ Maintain Weight

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Keto Diet  –

Hi , friends hope you all are doing upright. Today I am going to share my experinece about keto diet  and how it effected my health and if it helped me loose my weight or no . to know all the details continue reading the articles

The Trigger For Your Change In Diet?

For me, the ketogenic diet grew out of my own suffering. I was never overweight, ate a healthy and balanced diet and did a lot of sport. However, in my late 20’s I found it difficult to maintain my weight. I started eating only 1000 calories and started doing thai boxing five times a week.

However, I continued to gain weight and, above all, my sleep quality became significantly worse. It was like someone had suddenly flipped a switch. In addition, I was not doing well mentally and because of severe back pain and headaches I took a lot of painkillers. I couldn’t go on like this. So I started looking through the scientific literature on metabolism. So I ended up on the low carb diet first and then the keto diet.

What Changes Have I Noticed In Yourself?

My mood improved significantly within two weeks. That happened very quickly and not only caught my eye, but also those around me. I was also able to sleep better again, my chronic pain has subsided, I had more energy and was more productive.

My weight loss was still a long time coming. But I didn’t think that was so bad, because I felt good and that was all that counted at the beginning. After a while I could eat anything again without putting it on the precision scales and without gaining any more weight.

How Much Weight Did I Lose On The Keto Diet?

I now ponder the same as I did before going keto, but have a lot less body fat. This is noticeable because the body looks different. That’s why it’s important to me to convey in my counseling sessions that it’s not just about weight, but also about the ratio of body fat to muscle mass. In the case of a severely overweight patient, of course, the weight also counts.

In addition to my body shape, which has changed massively for me, I can finally maintain my weight without any problems, including the body fat percentage. And more importantly, I can now trust my body and, thanks to intuition, eat the right foods to get all the essential nutrients. The body knows very well what it needs.

What Were The Biggest Challenges For Me When I Started  The Keto Diet?

I got in my own way with my own fat phobia. For years, I ate a very low-fat diet with whole grains and lots of fiber. That’s how it’s always been taught. In the supermarket, I searched the shelves for low-fat products. This step of suddenly enriching all dishes with fat was difficult for me at first. But I got used to it and today I like it.

Who Is The Keto Diet Not Suitable For?

There are congenital, rare metabolic diseases for which there is an absolute contraindication. Also, I wouldn’t do keto with kids. Unless they need it for therapeutic reasons. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should generally not go on a diet, this also applies to the keto diet. The risk of a metabolic imbalance is higher during this time.

People with an eating disorder should also avoid a ketogenic diet. If you tend to be wary of high-fat foods, a different diet probably makes more sense for you. Otherwise, I recommend going cyclically and incorporating ketogenic phases.

What Tips Can I Give To Other People From Your Own Keto Diet Experiences?

It is important to get detailed information in advance. It’s best to use books or find another trusted source. Get rid of any diets that might tempt you. Also, have snacks like boiled eggs or a piece of cheese in the fridge that will help you quickly satisfy your cravings.

If you make a nutrition plan and also prepare your food for the next day, you don’t have to think about what you want to eat every day. This not only protects time but also money and you always have a delicious keto meal ready. Eat your fill with the right foods and don’t go hungry. This is very important, otherwise it will be torture to walk past the next bakery.

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