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Definition: What Is Kidney Pain?

Kidney pain is also known in medical parlance as nephralgia, flank pain, kidney pain, or nephrogenic pain (“nephros” is Greek for kidney). This refers to pain emanating directly from the kidneys. Kidney pain is a sign of a disease that is based on existing disorders. Most of the time, kidney pain is perceived as a dull colic stabbing pain (1).

Background: What you should know about the causes of kidney pain

A sharp pain shoots through your lower back and your hand reflexively moves to your kidneys. Sometimes it’s electrifying, then oppressive again. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you are probably suffering from kidney pain. Numerous causes can cause normal kidneys or surrounding tissues to begin to cause pain.

How Can I Prevent Kidney Pain?

To avoid kidney pain in the first place, you should try to take precautions as much as possible. The kidneys are very sensitive to cold. Make sure your kidneys are always warm. While a short dress can look stylish in winter, don’t put style ahead of your health. It is very similar with drinking and the kidneys. That the kidneys need to be “flushed” is already well-known wisdom. And it really is.

Home Remedies For Kidney Pain

In contrast to conventional medical forms of therapy, more and more home remedies for kidney pain are being used. The advantage of folk remedies is obvious, they are cheap, readily available and have no side effects. Especially when kidney pain occurs unexpectedly and is acute, these measures will help at least until you see a doctor:

take a warm bath

drink a lot

place it on a grain cushion at about 100 °C

Make flaxseed wraps

Place a pad of moist peat moss heated to 55°C on the kidney area

Cabbage wraps made from boiled and chopped cabbage leaves

lemon juice to dissolve kidney stones

Put on a hot water bottle, heat lamp, or electric blanket

A simple procedure to relieve kidney pain and overcome waiting times is special positioning. The patient lies supine with the lower legs elevated on a pillow.

Heat Relieves Kidneys Pain

Heat applications can relieve any type of pain, including kidney pain. A hot water bottle, a cherry pit pillow, or a warm cloth around your lower back will quickly bring relief. The heat also stimulates blood circulation, which means that bacteria are eliminated more quickly.

Ginger And Garlic Home Remedies For Kidneys Pain

If your kidney pain is the result of a late-onset bladder infection, anti-inflammatory home remedies like ginger and garlic can help fight the bacterial infection. Ginger is also said to prevent kidney stones. Both home remedies must be consumed raw so that they can develop their full effect. Simply chew a hazelnut-sized piece of ginger or a clove of garlic up to three times a day.

Grandma’s Home Remedy For Kidneys Pain: Flaxseed Packet

remedy Applied externally, warm flaxseed wraps have an anti-inflammatory effect. Heat also promotes blood circulation and relieves pain.

For a flaxseed poultice, mix a tablespoon of ground flaxseed with water and cook to a thick paste. Let cool slightly and then wrap in a cloth (5×5 cm). Then place the wrap at the level of the lower ribs for about 20 minutes. After the treatment, wash the skin with lukewarm water and pat dry.

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