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Three Tips To Make A Cat-Friendly Garden

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Cat-friendly garden -Cats, who don’t love cats, I have always been a cat lover. I have a pet name Casper, who is a Persian cat, and he plays a lot. For which I have planned to make make a cat-friendly garden. If you want to know how we can do it, keep reading this article

Cat- Friendly Garden

1. Herbs, Flowers And Green Plants For cat-friendly garden

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) – perhaps one of the most obvious choices for a cat garden as this plant is very attractive to cats and even induces a feeling of euphoria when standing near the plant.

Cat grass – Cat grass is usually one of many different grasses that cats can nibble on, but oat grass (Avena sativa) or wheat grass (Triticum aestivum) are the two most popular.

Asters – these plants are easy to care for and create an excellent dense cover for the cat to hunt.

Blue Mist Shrub (Caryopteris) – This flowering shrub is very attractive to pollinators and offers cats plenty of privacy and shelter.

Sunflowers – nothing is more appealing or easier to grow in the garden than sunflowers. These tall plants provide ample cover while the buds offer something to play with when grown near climbing structures.

Cosmos – yet another fun plant for cats, this one offers delicate growth, beautiful color and great protection that your cats will appreciate.

Maiden Grass (Miscanthus) – Ornamental grasses like this provide your cat with the perfect environment to run around as they offer good shelter and while your cat’s roots aren’t good all other parts are safe.

2. What To Consider When Designing A Cat-Proof Fence?

With a fence you should always consider the following if you want to make it escape-proof for the cat:

With the escape-proof fence, make sure that the strong climbers are at least 1.80 meters tall!

Ask the competent authority (building authority) if you want to make major changes to the fence or your garden – for example, the fence height increases significantly!

Think in advance how much money you are willing to invest! Some fencing materials are very expensive.

Talk to your neighbors at the beginning of the planning! It would be a pity if they get angry when everything is finished.

3. Creative Design Of The Cat Garden

The larger and more varied you design your garden, the more comfortable your cat will feel. In the best case, the cat feels so comfortable in your garden that it doesn’t want to leave. There are no limits to your fancy when designing the garden for your cat.

3.1 Cat-Friendly Planting

Proper planting is essential to a cat-safe garden. On the one hand it should be exciting for the cat and on the other hand it shouldn’t help it escape. Trees that are right next to the fence quickly become escape aids. If you have no way to move tall trees or bushes, only a so-called cat defense belt will help. When choosing plants, be sure to use non-toxic plants. Lavender, catnip, lemon balm and grasses, for example, are suitable. So the garden is not only pretty, but also safe for the cat. For the summer, the velvet paws need shady shrubs. In cool temperatures, however, cats like to use sunny areas.

3.2 Cat Safe Pond For A cat-friendly garden

A water source in the garden is particularly exciting. A small pond not only serves as a natural drinking fountain, but also offers a lot to observe for your house tiger. It is only important that the water is not too deep, especially in the shore area, and that it goes flat into the water. You usually don’t have to concern about your cat drowning in the pond. The four-legged friends can swim quite well, although they do not like to do so.

3.3 Facilities For Cats  For A cat-friendly garden

Since a garden only offers limited space, your cat will usually have explored it quickly. It is therefore your job to make the garden an exciting place. A high vantage point for the cat to relax and observe the surroundings is welcome. Outdoor scratching posts or stacks of wood are suitable, for example. Many cats also appreciate being able to hide in tall grass rather than roaming through a neatly mowed lawn.

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