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Beautiful Smile – White, even, flawless: those who have beautiful teeth are more popular and more successful. This isn’t just common sense. Scientific studies also confirm this. But what do I have to do for a perfect radiant smile? We will tell you the secret of beautiful teeth

Cleaning By Hand – It Depends On The Technique

Electric toothbrushes have the small advantage that they do the actual cleaning for you. You “only” have to guide the brush correctly.

But you can also get good results with a manual toothbrush if you do it right. What many people don’t know: The circular cleaning movements that children like to be taught have an unfavorable effect on the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth. Because there is a risk of plaque and bacteria being pushed under the gums. It is best to location the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle on the edge of the gums and brush with sweeping movements from the gums in the direction of the teeth.

Tip : Dental Care At The Right Time

You should brush your teeth carefully at least in the morning and evening. It also doesn’t hurt to reach for a toothbrush during the day after meals containing sugar. But when is the right time for this?

Children like to be taught: “Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating!” Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. Because if you’ve eaten fruit, salad or yoghurt, it’s better to wait half an hour. The acids in these foods attack the top layer of tooth enamel and temporarily soften it. Rubbing your teeth with a toothbrush at this point will do more harm than good.

Brush Your Teeth 30 Minutes After Eating

Experts endorse brushing your teeth after every meal. You should brush your teeth especially after particularly sweet foods containing sugar. Important exception: Not directly after acidic foods such as fruit, coffee, wine or isotonic sports drinks. In any case, you should only reach for the toothbrush about 30 minutes after consumption. Because acid softens the protective coating of the tooth, the tooth enamel, for a short time. Anyone who cleans here immediately sands off part of this valuable protective layer.

Use The Right Toothbrush

What is the finest way to clean my teeth: electrically or with a manual toothbrush? It doesn’t actually make much of a difference, say dentists. It is much more important that the toothbrush is soft and the pressure is gentle. Then protect your tooth enamel, tooth neck and gums – but still remove the harmful plaque sufficiently thoroughly.

Use Dental Floss Or Interdental Brushes For A Beautiful Smile

At least as important: dental floss and/or small toothbrushes for the interdental spaces. Anyone who brushes and grinds gently every day comes a big step closer to their goal of “beautiful white teeth”. This effectively prevents leftover food or even bacteria from settling in the spaces between the teeth.

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