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Hcg Diet  – What Is The Hcg Diet?

The so-called hCG diet or hCG metabolism cure is a method for losing weight in which rapid weight loss  achieves with the pregnancy hormone hCG and an extremely low-calorie diet.

What sounds a bit strange at first – namely to lose weight with the help of a pregnancy hormone – is traded as an insider tip to let the pounds tumble. But how exactly can that be? After all, women gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and still need months after giving birth to shed the extra pounds.

The hormone ensures that the baby is nourish during pregnancy by breaking down fat cells in the event of a deficiency so that the baby has enough energy. During the diet, it should therefore stimulate fat burning and at the same time reduce the feeling of hunger.

How Is Hcg Formed?

HCG is the shortening for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin”. It is a peptide hormone shaped by the placenta during pregnancy that stimulates the corpus luteum of the ovaries to produce progesterone.  therefore responsible for initiating and maintaining pregnancy. It is therefore also used in laboratory chemistry to determine early pregnancy. From the 15th week of pregnancy, hCG production decreases again, but remains significantly higher than normal.

The hormone is also present in the body in low concentrations in men and non-pregnant women. It is produced in small amounts by everyone in the pituitary gland (pituitary gland) and also in the testicles in men.

The hormone  removes from the urine of pregnant women and used for various medicinal purposes.

How Does Hcg Diet Work?

The hormone is answerable for maintaining the pregnancy and ensures that the unborn child is adequately supply at all times. When everything is normal in the body of a pregnant woman, the baby is fed directly through the umbilical cord and, as it were, eats with the mother. However, if there is a supply gap, the hormone hCG ensures that the metabolism stimulates and fat cells in the mother’s body is broke down. The energy converted in the process is  pass on to the baby, thus ensuring its supply at all times

dr Based on his observations, Simeons developed a method for non-pregnant women to use the properties of the hormone to help them lose weight. The basic idea is that hCG stimulates the breakdown of fat cells in the body even without a baby, so that unwanted pounds can  reduce. According to Simeons, taking the hormone triggers the corresponding command in the body to stimulate the metabolism and thereby burn fat cells.

Theory Of HCG Diet

He theorized that obesity could also  cause by some kind of malfunction in the brain. In his opinion, the hormone hCG should be the key here. He believes that it affects hormonal processes at the level of the pituitary gland (pituitary) and hypothalamus2. It should change how the body deals with the fat deposits, because these should  stimulate by the hormone to release the fat cells and thus break them down. So the unloved love handles on the stomach, thighs and hips should disappear faster.

Additionally, those who diet should find it easier to stick to the diet and experience fewer cravings3. Because, according to Simeons, the pregnancy hormone should give a natural feeling of satiety because it helps to save the blood sugar level at a normal level. It should not lead to annoying cravings or a bad mood. It should also make you feel fit and not exhausted despite the reduced calorie intake4.

Initially, the hormone  injects,  but now the diet can also done out with the help of drops or globules.

Medical Use Of Hcg Diet

Aside from its use as a weight loss hormone, there are also some medicinal uses for hCG:

To treat fertility problems in women who do not ovulate due to a lack of emission of hormones from the pituitary gland.

To stimulate testosterone production in men.

In male infants to correct a lack of testicular descent.

Used to treat shrinking testicles in men.

In patients with “Froehlich syndrome”: Male children suffer from obesity with a typical female fat distribution, hormonal disorders and delayed/absent puberty.

Side Effects And Consequences Of The Hormone Hcg

So far, the consequences of taking the hormone artificially have not sufficiently researched, which is why it is impossible to estimate how long-term the intake can affect the body. There are many warnings about side effects and serious consequences of the strict calorie-restricted diet and taking the hormone.

Some Of The Side Effects Associated With Dieting And Taking The Hormone Include:

metabolic disorders

cardiovascular diseases

Kidney stones


states of exhaustion

depression and mood swings

water retention

hormonal disorders

Strong weight gain after stopping the diet (yo-yo effect)

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