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Unhealthy Foods : Stay Away From This Food!

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Unhealthy Foods – Everyone knows that soda, fast food, and cream cakes aren’t exactly the healthiest foods. But unhealthy food can also be found in completely different places, namely where nobody would suspect it at first glance. On the trail of fattening and false fitness makers for you: the SAT.1 guide.

Margarine instead of butter? Fat versus additives

Margarine instead of butter? Fat versus additives

Supposedly wholesome foods that you count as part of a balanced diet are possibly real calorie bombs and do more harm to your body than they are good for. Do not you think? Then watch out: vegetable margarine is your butter substitute? After all, it contains significantly less fat. Fat or not, margarine often contains traces of toxic metals like nickel or aluminum, which are left behind when the fat hardens. Bon appetite then!

Unhealthy foods: Pre-packaged sandwiches and instant sauces

Packaged sandwiches from the supermarket aren’t that healthy either. They look appetizing, lure with lots of salad and vegetables and are the ideal alternative for lazybones to make yourself, but they are not really healthy. They often contain too many fats, salts and other unhealthy additives. If you want to lose weight and eat healthily, you should bake your own bread – this way you practice self-discipline at the same time.

Different food, same game: ready-made tomato sauce. It also contains a lot of unhealthy additives that you can do without. A homemade tomato sauce is not only quick, but also very easy to prepare: An onion, a clove of garlic, some olive oil, fresh or canned tomatoes and lots of spices such as oregano, thyme and basil – that’s all you need for your healthy red sauce .

Instant products are also unhealthy foods

Do you like using instant lemon juice to give fish, salad dressing and co. a fresh kick? Not a good idea. Because: The juice is free from the valuable vitamins of the citrus fruit and once squirted out of the packaging it no longer tastes fresh. So better use a fresh lemon. It’s just as quick to hand and much healthier.

However, unhealthy foods are not only packaged sandwiches and ready-made sauces, all ready-made products can hardly do without additives for reasons of preservation, production or flavor intensification. Rule of thumb for healthy feasting: Better to make it yourself than to buy it ready-made.

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